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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Quater Horse/Paint 

Age: 16
Dozer's Story

Dozer was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on May 10, 2016.

Update (07/27/16):
This dream boat is the talk of the stables. Our dear friend, Bri has given us an update on this love.
Let me tell you about my new best friend...his name is Dozer. Hicaliber rescued him from Horse auction may 10. He was to be shipped to slaughter. He came in skinny scrawny w saddle scars and lame. They fed him put shoes on him and Friday he came to mission trails so I could foster him.

Dozer is 14 yrs old. Chestnut paint gelding. 14.3hh 915lbs soaking wet. And he's bombproof on the ground. He is a in your pocket love bug. Not a mean bone in his body. We had our 1st test ride today in a sidepull. He is a little uneasy he likes to know where his home boys are and where the food truck is but he wanted to please me. Not in a bad way or anything at all. Hes in a new place. We walked. Trotted. Loped. He spins both ways. Slightly neck reins. He listened and never shut down. This was ride 1!!! And he is smoooooth smooth smooth!!! I cannot imagine with some weight and more rides where this boy will go and what he can do. I'm going to ride some more this week and try a trail ride w a buddy on the weekend."

Update (07/18/16):
Dozer is off to foster to be loved, pampered and ridden my multiple lovely ladies. We're sure he won't be complaining. He LOVES to work. Keep a look out for updates on this sexy boy. 

Update (06/12/16):

Dozer had his test ride and did great in the arena.  Easy for tacking, mount and dismount.  This stunning boy obviously has some training and wants to work.  One of the members of our rider team said he wants to "go, go, go!"  He will be evaluated on where is strengths are, but he is proving himself so far to be a great, hard working horse who loves the arena.