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          Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Age: 16
Leia's Story

Leia was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on May 03, 2016.

Update (11/3/16): 
Leia is getting more and more rides and she's been doing wonderful. Her trot is smooth and she just wants to please. She'd be best for an intermediate/experienced rider. 

Update (0729/16):
Leia got pulled out for a spin today. 
She seems low on the totem pole in the herd. Easy to catch, leads well, calm through grooming and tacking, picked up all four feet. Took her into the round pen for a longe, which she has clearly done before, and she didn’t make many circles before coming in to face her rider, as if to ask, can we just be friends? Trots with a cluck and cantered to both sides at a kiss. Her rider put a Western saddle and a bosal on her and took her back into the round pen to mount. She was not afraid of the mounting block, even when her rider picked it up and moved it closer to her feet. She’s a little rusty but not afraid. Rode around mostly on a loose rein and she was fine with kids, dogs, people on the ground, other horses, other riders, hoses, the Gator, and the pickup pulling a horse trailer. She wasn’t happy about steep hills, particularly going down, but went when urged. Okay with leg contact and reacted normally to a light kick. She has a lovely, floaty jog-trot.

Update (07/18/16):

Leia put on some much needed weight and was ready for her test ride. Amazing horse. Tacked up well. Fast feet. She only spooked once but did very well for her first time out. She rode out alone. She would be good for an experienced rider.