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        Status: Adopted

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Breed: Pony 

Timmy's Story

Timmy was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on April 26, 2016.

Update (4/10/17):

Timmy! Why you still here?!?! Our little guy is always so fun to tootle around on. This horse DESERVES to have a little girl braid his mane and tail and put glitter hearts on his bum. Timmy still needs some occasional reminders about ground manners, but with more consistent work we are very confident this would be a non-issue. He has a quick, bouncy, little pony gait. Timmy is great in just his rope halter and responds well to ques. He is a total snuggle bear. We should start charging for Timmy snuggles actually… maybe then our volunteers wouldn’t have to do calendar shoots in their underwear… just a thought! Timmy is your new BFF. Come see him!

Update (12/13/16):

Mr. Timmy is a cuddle bug that will jog right up to you for snuggles. He has a small, quick stride but he moves at the perfect pace to jog along with. He is a gentleman bareback and with nothing but a rope halter. He just wants to be snuggled and played with. Timmy would be great for a confident, more advanced beginner or anything above that.

Update (06/03/16):

Timmy, oh sweet, skinny Timmy.  Well......  he WAS skinny.  This kid is the most lovable, hugable guy around.  Now that he is at a more healthy weight, he was put to a little work and a short test ride.  He knew his commands in the round pen and was looking for more.  He got his un-planned test ride and was a star.  He cruised around the ranch, not too slow, not too fast and a perfect gentleman -  BAREBACK and in a HALTER!  This guy is showing potential to be a great Pony Club mount.  After more evaluation we will give an update. 

Timmy's only downfall is his fly allergy.  He came to us with very, very bad skin and while much of the original damage has healed, he will need close attention in this area.