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  Status: Adopted

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Breed: Quarter Horse 

Height: 16.2

Age: 9
Rosa's Story

Rosa was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on April 19, 2016.

Rosa is a BIG girl, but shhh don’t tell her! She is very sweet and quiet for grooming. She is a bit bratty about picking up her feet, but once she figures out whether or not you are willing to put up with that she will hold them up just fine for you. She gets squirmy about tacking up, but not in any way aggressive, she just seems nervous about it. Rosa rushes while lunging, but she is very easy to rein back in. We just think she needs more training in this area. In saddle she has a beautiful huge stride. She has a nice trot that is easy to sit. She responds well in just a rope halter with light hands, and is very responsive to both leg and voice ques. Again, because of that big stride, Rosa has a quick canter but it is comfortable and easy to sit. It takes a little bit of encouragement to get her to pick up the canter in saddle, but she gets going and stays going. She would be an excellent project for an advanced intermediate rider to finish however they would like. She is a sweet girl with a beautiful gait and some get up and go!

Update (07/19/16):
Rosa is the mare we found at auction that was dripping milk. It appeared that she just had her baby pulled from her. She wanted nothing to do with humans when she first got here. We understood, we'd be pretty upset as well. 
We gave her three months off in the herd and and brought her out today for some one on one attention. She was a totally different horse! She did so well, we decided to give her a go under saddle.

Michelle was blown away at how quiet and cooperative she was. Way more whoa than go, but felt a little rusty. we're guessing she was trained long ago and has been a mom for awhile. She's GIANT. 16.2 AND BUILT like a shit brick house.