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      Status: Adopted

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Breed: CA Mustang 

Height: 15.2

Age: 11
Misty (NV Mustang)'s Story

Misty was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on April 19, 2016.

Update (08/12/16):
Erika Hunter was able to get a copy of Misty's papers. Misty was born in Ravenswood Nevada and was captured as a baby by her moms side on November 5th 2007 she was adopted as a three year old and titled January 20th 2010.  

Update (08/02/16):
Misty is a performance horse in the making. She's been riding better and better and getting her confidence under saddle and in a bit. She's never offered to buck rear or bolt, she just constantly needs some reassurance that she's doing it right. She has come so far in 3 short months. She will make an incredible endurance horse or dressage girl. She has the smmmmooooothest trot ever.

Update (07/11/16):

Here is a video of Misty's progress. Misty the Mustang
She is a BLM Mustang. Her brand indicates she was born or captured in 2007 from a California based herd. Misty needs intermediate or someone who will keep her in training until she trusts 100%.

Update (07/01/16): 

Misty is our beautiful sorrel mustang. Her brand indicates she was either born or captured in 2007 from a California based herd. When Misty first arrived she wanted nothing to do with people. We understood and gave her some time. She's over with one of our favorite trainers Erika Hunter for a little mustang-magic-touch.  Here is an update from the Mustang woman herself: 

"Misty is doing amazing! Before she didn't want to be with people, now she wants to be in my lap! Definitely been tacked up before, she didn't flinch. The only bit of info I had was that "she could buck really hard" so I was expecting to see it when I threw a saddle on. Not at all. So a tiny bit more groundwork, including ground driving- and then I'm getting on. Now that she trusts me (aka loves me!) I don't see there being a problem. I think someone hurt her and scared her." 

She is lovely, BIG mustang and a forward and fancy mover. Endurance/dressage/cowboy dressage would be great.