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    Status: Adopted

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Breed: Quarter Horse 

Age: 6
Patience's Story

Patience was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on April 12, 2016.

Update (12/13/16):

Miss Patience is a smart little lady who is ready for a J.O.B. She responds well and moves confidently in a bareback pad and a rope halter. She has no interest in having a bit in her mouth, but that is fine with us out at HCHR. She requires a confident rider who can both be the boss (she IS a mare) and also give her reassurance when she needs it (she is also still a bebe). Patience is not spooky and is unphased by our antics. She can be bitchy when she is in heat and has thrown some kicks, however with consistent work this behavior has not shown up from her in a long while.

Update (06/10/16):

Patience had to gain some weight before she was asked to work.  Now that she is healthy, she was started on round pen work to get a feel of where she is at.  Well, Miss Patience strutted into the round pen like it was her job.  She responded great to voice commands and knew what she was doing.  After her groundwork, she was given a full spa treatment and didn't bat an eye.  She knows what's up, that's fo sho!  She is a smaller horse/large pony size, so once we have a smaller rider test her out, we will see what her true potential and under saddle training have to offer.