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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian 

Age: 22
Chance (RushCreek Leigh)'s Story

Chance was saved on April 5, 2106.  He was brought to Ontario Auction, but the house did not let him go through because he was choking.  The HiCaliber auction team went into action and bought him in the parking lot.  They had a special transporter get him back to the ranch ASAP where Dr. Anderson cleared his esophagus.  Chance was very skinny as well, so he is now on the road to recovery at foster and doing great!

Update (07/29/16): 
Chance is a favorite for our riding team. Sadie took him out today and said he tacked up fine, easy to catch. They rode around in the arena at a wtc. Chance neck reins, side passes, flexes on both sides and backs up with ease. Classic Arab energy but completely manageable. He picked up both leads perfectly. All she had to do was kiss and squeeze. He is super athletic! She played around with moving his shoulders left and right for a few minutes. He's got some rollbacks! He would probably be a fun team sorting horse.

Update (07/24/16):
Chance went out on another ride this weekend. He went on a tour of the property with a beautiful Arabian girl, Milania. 
Have you always wanted an Arab, but without all the spazz? This is your guy! Cool as a cucumber through grooming and tacking, acted like a rope halter is old news, stood still to mount, walks at a touch and stops on a seat cue. Energy and a fun Arab prance but completely compliant with every request. Didn’t bat at eyelash when Milania backed into his side, seemed to like touring the property and seeing what everyone was doing, totally fine in back, in the lead or side by side with the other horse. Fine downhill, energetic uphill and crossed running water from a trough being emptied. Gave his rider no problems when saddling, cinching, or untacking; not crazy about the hose but stood still when asked. If you like this guy we suggest you apply ASAP. He's not going to be here long. 

Update (07/11/16): 

Our "choke horse" who we didn't know if he would make it or not has been nothing short of amazing. 
He's made an incredible recovery thanks to our villages support and his foster family's care, he passed his chiro exam and test ride with flying colors and is READY FOR ADOPTION! Thank you again to EnviroEquine for sponsoring Chance and all of the HiCaliber horses with their AMAZING supplements.

Here is a wonderful video his foster family put together.Chance's Journey

He's a branded Rushcreek Arabian who is looking for a home of his own. About 20 years old, 15hh, solid and UTD on all, he'd be perfect for an experienced Arabian owner.

Update (07/05/16): 

Chance has been doing wonderful at his foster home. He's put on some much needed weight and is ready to come back to HiCaliber! His AMAZING foster has this to say about this special Rushcreek Arab:

"He has put on a ton of weight, but needs muscle now.

Ground manners are immaculate. Lunges, leads, lifts feet, backs, bathes and anything else you ask of him. Of course I have no clue how he is under saddle, but didn't bat an eye when I would practice with a towel (my pretend saddle pad, LOL). I have not noticed any lameness at all either, nothing - nada. He is bored sitting at my house, so time to head back for work."

We all cannot wait to see what this boy can do!