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  Status: Available for Adoption

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Breed: Quarter Horse 

Age: 8
Novalee (AQHA Lil Badger Hen)'s Story

Novalee was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on March 29, 2016.

Update (4/10/17): 
This bitch….. is now a refined lady. And we are IMPRESSED! Novalee realized that if she acted like a giant twat under saddle, bucking, kicking, bolting, you name it – she could get out of work. Well, we aren’t down with that so we sent her to our trusted cowboy and trainer, Andre Fice, and we are so impressed with the results! He rode out all her nonsense and informed her that life is actually better when you let someone take you for a long trail ride and give you some lovin'. Andrew was able to ride Novalee for miles bareback and in a rope halter on trail by the end of his training. She is now extremely responsive to voice ques and is easily maneuvered in just a rope halter. Novalee is back on the market and we can't wait to see the places she will go. We recommend an advanced and confident rider for Novalee, because while she is now refined she is still too smart for her own good and may try to test her limits.