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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Oregon Mustang 

Height: 14

Age: 21
Dodger (CA Mustang)'s Story

Dodger was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from Ontario Auction on March 29, 2016.

Update (08/12/16):
Erika Hunter was able to get copies of Dodgers papers! 
Dodger is from Centennial California. Was captured in 1998 as a yearling. He was adopted in June 1998 and titled in June 1999. This amazing bombproof trail horse is still looking for a forever home! 

Update (08/02/16): 
Dodger 19 years young, 13.3 hands- great and easy trail horse. Stands to be groomed and tacked, easy to ride, great for granny or grandkids. He's little so needs a smaller rider. Jump on and explore the trails with him or cruise over just about any obstacle. He never spooks but he will snort to tell you something is there.

Update (07/28/16):
Watch this video of Ericka Hunter taking Dodger out on trail here. 

Update (07/20/16):

Yeah, he’s named Dodger for a reason.

In honor of our quasi-local baseball team? No.

Draft dodger? Hells no, this dude’s ready for battle.

This cute little Mustang gelding is a halter dodger. That’s right. Like Roadrunner, this native of the West has to prove that he can evade you, just to remind you that he’s allowing you to catch him. He’s not malicious or spiteful. He just wants you to fully appreciate how spectacular he is, before he gives you the honor of mounting him (well, those are his words, not mine). He doesn’t drag out the foreplay; he runs a couple laps then slips into a halter like it’s his favorite pair of undies.

Once caught, he’s a perfect gentleman. Today we tested him with the youngest kid we had (11) and she's still new enough to not know "exactly" how to bridle and saddle, but she gets the idea... Dodger patiently waited for her to throw this here, and adjust that, and redo this part and oops! Then clumsily climb on and with holding her reins wrong and sliding off to one side, he still walked and jogged her all around the property like a gentleman.

Dodger is a great size for a young rider at 14 hands. He could be an excellent beginner/ advanced beginner trail horse because he's honest and not spooky, but he's not a robot/zombie trail horse. He is great around cars/traffic too! Come be the Coyote to this sweet little Roadrunner.

A note from the Mustang Whisperer and Dodger's trainer, Erika Hunter (05/24/2016):

Dodger is in training with me and is a super star trail horse. He's a little guy, (14 hands) and an older fella (19) - but he's perfect if you want a nice easy calm trail ride. He's never spooked with me on, he just snorts and looks. Car/road safe, through water and obstacles. He doesn't love arena work.

I'd say confident beginner or intermediate rider. He could use a joint supplement and more weight.

Located at Indian Hill Ranch with Erika Hunter. Available for adoption through