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Breed: Mustang 

Age: 11
Willow 's Story

Willow was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on March 29, 2016.

Update (01/06/2017):

This beautiful mare went straight from HiCaliber to Hunter Horsemanship after being saved from auction. Our ranch was a nightmare for her; we are far too busy with too many faces, noises, tractors etc. A once wild Mustang rarely settles at HiCaliber.

From there she was adopted by a great family who loved her, but trouble soon surfaced. She began to bolt under saddle. The behavior was a surprise to everyone and her owners began to look for a medical explanation. Sadly, they got one: cataracts and glaucoma.

Despite trying several options, Willow just wouldn't work as a riding horse for her adopters. They have decided to return her.

Unfortunately, we know Willow will regress, stress out and decline here - especially since her vision has changed. We are looking for a companion home for our sweet Willow.

Update (08/02/16):
Willow is 10 years old, cruising on trails and excelling in the arena. She has the most beautiful movements and is not spooky. She's just a tiny bit more trained than "green" she knows her stuff but needs someone to guide her. No buck no spook no bad habits. She's a real good girl and loves getting to come out and work everyday. She's waiting for the perfect person. 

Update (07/27/16):
Wanna see this girl in action? It's quick but shows how nice this girl moves. Check it out here.
And yes, that IS a teenager riding Willow bareback. Impressed? So are we. 

Update (07/18/16):
Willow is still in training with our Mustang Queen Erika Hunter. Willow is walking and trotting nicely in the round pen or arena. Erika thinks a confident beginner or above would be a good match for Willow. She's incredibly smart and will pick up whatever you teach, including bad habits so they needs experienced hands to guide.

Update (04/09/16):

Hey mustang folks! Recognize this mare?

Meet Willow! She's a gorgeous liver chestnut, branded Mustang we rescued from auction last week.

She's about 10 years old, flashy as hell and per Erika Hunter of Hunter Horsemanship, she bends, sends and backs without any pressure - a level of groundwork not seen on many Mustangs.

Willow is also a badass with obstacles which has Erika starting to wonder if this might be a former makeover horse. Does anyone in the mustang world recall this mare from any of the competitions from about 5 years ago (+/-)?