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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.3

Age: 17
Jewel (Tattoo - ID Pending)'s Story

Jewel was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from Ontario Auction on March 22, 2016.

Update: July 21, 2017

From her foster:  “I really think this girl would make an intermediate rider an awesome Gymkhana horse!” Jewel has shown a bit of stiffness intermittently when not ridden. But with riding, she works out of it quickly. She is always very eager to come out and play! Jewel enjoys being social, loves playing in her water and has a super sweet personality. She also can go either Western or English! She is very comfortable to ride and has plenty of go but also has whoa. She would love to have a person of her very own.

Update:  March 31, 2017 

This sweet, beautiful girl needs to GO HOME.  Jewel was exhibiting some intermittent lameness, so we gave her some time off and then our farrier recommended pads on her shoes. Both seem to have improved her condition. She still occasionally seems slightly off in the front right, but seems to warm out of it – meaning she gets better as she works. Jewel is a forward mover and has a nice long stride, very comfortable to ride. She responds well to leg and her rope halter with intermediate to advanced riders. She knows if you don’t know your stuff. She is extremely tolerant of our antics. Jewel is so willing to please and such a sweet mare, she longs for her own person, and when she finds them she will quickly become their BFF.

Update:  April 4, 2016

Words from Michelle,

"Just when I think a sweeter,  more talented,  forgiving and fun horse couldn't come along, there she is.

Jewel was rescued 2 weeks ago from auction.  A tattooed Thoroughbred (still working on ID), she's breath taking.  She's got little almond eyes, a baby doll face, a reflective coat and such a sweet demeanor. The perfect amount of silly, sassy, and sweet - she's the total package.

She arrived dead lame, we feared the worst and were elated to learn the source of her lameness was as simple as a puncture to her frog.  A quick fix with an aluminum plate, she was as good as new.

Yesterday I went to pull April for a test ride and I kept being drawn to Jewel. Everything in me said to choose her. So I did. 

We did a little bit of ground work, she was a star. I got right on without issue and her ears immediately implied something was wrong.  We stood there quietly, I praised her and let her know there was no bit, spurs or tools to be afraid of. Just me and her.

She instantly relaxed and off we went.  We rode the arena, she was flawless so I opened the gate and enjoyed an amazing ride. Alone or with Lannie, her friend from the auction, she was great,  lead the way had no fear of the crazy photo shoot, traffic or crowd.  She stood quietly to watch the other test rides and I didn't want to get off.

I've used the phrase before - she's like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans.

My son saw me up on her 16.3 frame and ran over to say hello.  She was gentle with him and didn't mind when I reached down to lift him into the saddle with me.  I wouldn't trust too many horses with that. She is different. There was something so unspoken and familiar about we had met before.

What a horse.  The kind you lay awake and think about that makes you feel eight years old again, the kind you want to get back outside with just to be sure she really is your pony. A first date you never want to end, not wanting to hang up first, you just fit. That's her.

About 15 years old,  16.3, tattooed, sound with the plate (temporary need), and gorgeous...she will steal your heart."

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