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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Age: 24
Liberty (JC My Girl Keeley)'s Story

Liberty was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on March 15, 2016.

Update (08/01/16):
Liberty came back from foster, we took some xrays, and it wasn't pretty. She had stolen her forster moms heart. This is what she wrote: 
The sad news 

Liberty, my Bibby Bumpkins and HiCal foster, went to the HiCaliber Ranch for a day for evaluation and diagnostics. It only took one set of X-Rays.

Liberty is now, so incredibly and unfortunately, a Hospice Case.

Her second (and last) race she ever had as JC Registered "My Girl Keeley" ended on the stats as a DNF (did not finish). This is the acronym for horses that can't finish a race due to injury during a race or some other issue. My "guess" is this injury, her front right fetlock in the x-rays, was her DNF. She may have blown her sesamoid bones, or something else.

Her auction/sales history shows her being sold to a breeder. Her severely recessed vagina and blown out rib cage show all the signs of being a mare used for breeding.

She just turned 22 in April, so she made it this far. Someone cared for her, or at least kept her around. We really never know. Just like Strategist and Engineer showing up at a livestock auction frequented by kill buyers. Their owner thought they were selling them to an awesome home, but had no idea where they would end up.

God knows how she got to that auction, but she came into my life and touched my heart so deeply. She is so dang sweet and always looking for affection.

We have adopted her here as hospice to live out her final days until I see it in her eyes that she is done. For now, she and Dancer can continue their sordid love affair and I will smother her in the love she wants and needs so badly.

She is still happy and loves being here, so we are going to make the best of it for dear Bibby.

She is not alone, she is not at auction, she is not going to go through this on her own.

She is adopted. I am her mommy. She will have the best of everything, just as Fireball did before he left us.

HiCaliber Horse Rescue brings these kids in and gives them a chance to have what they may have never experienced. I love them for that and support them with my whole heart as a foster, volunteer and faithful donor.

Bibby - you are safe, you are home, you have a family and I love you so very much. I promise to watch over you and know when you tell me it is time. I will honor you and your legacy as the beautiful racehorse that you are."

We are so very thankful to the Rosman family for opening their hearts countless times. We love you. 

Update (06/30/16):

Liberty is still in foster care and gaining weight. Her foster says she is just the sweetest, most loving and kind mare she has ever met. Liberty is a seasoned pro. Bathe her.... no problem. Farrier.... No problem.  Fly Spray..... no problem.  (Insert any activity here)..... NO PROBLEM!

This girl is just looking for and wanting love. She will continue to get the care she needs to be completely healthy and at a good weight before coming back to the ranch for a full evaluation.