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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Azteca 

Height: 14.3

Age: 17
Billie 's Story

Billie was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on March 15, 2016.

Update (04/23/2016):

Billie was one of our featured adoptables at the 15th annual ASPCA Help A Horse Day.  She kicked ASS!  Walked right by the kid's bounce house (with screaming ferals in it, ew), canopies, strollers, flags, and not to mention 450 people!  Walk, trot, canter and lazy to boot even with all of the excitement.  We swear at some point she looked at all of the crazy people and rolled her eyes, "Bye Felicia".  We tried to reason with her and tell her that her only way to be saved from the insanity is to be freaking stellar and show everyone what she's got; and boy did she deilver!!!!  (Even if it was with a sigh accompanied by another eye roll, "Duh, I don't do it any other way... Pashaw."

Update (04/01/2016):

Billie is one of those quiet horses that just kinda blends in. Billie surprised us all and turned out to be a bombproof little trail mare!

We rescued her 2 weeks ago and brought her up from quarantine today for some extra lovin. She's so quiet, she just gets lost in the shuffle of her herd mates. She was so sweet, we decided to test ride her and found this adorable little mare is a star.

Lazy and more whoa than go, a cute little 14.3, she's what many of you are looking for.  She went out on some rough trails, on the street and handled everything with ease.  She's still being kept from the general population but her group of 16 rescues have been some pretty great finds!

Likely an azteca, about 15 years old, vet checked sound, UTD on all - we've got no clue why she was at auction. Sadly,  some dickface cut her tail off before dumping her so that needs a little time to regrow.  Barefoot and bitless. We just jumped right on. Great little horse!