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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Andalusian 

Height: 15.3

Age: 8
Ireland's Story

Ireland was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on March 8, 2016.

Update (01/09/17): 

Beautiful, sweet, and smart? This is a very rare combination… and it's right here waiting to go home with you. Ireland is a green bean, but she is SMART and will be easy peasy to finish. She is nervous about things that she doesn’t have much experience with, but she will try her absolute best to understand what you want from her so she can give it to you. Once she understands a que, motion, or piece of equipment it just clicks forever. This lady does not have a sticky feet problem, she will keep moving for you while she figures you out and she is very responsive in just a rope halter. She has an adorable little trot in saddle. Ireland is a bit unbalanced to the right, but this is just due to lack of work. With consistent work she will be an amazing, show stopping, unstoppable woman. And as an added bonus, she is super sweet and gentle with kids! (not to ride, just to pet) Ireland needs an advanced rider to finish her, or a confident intermediate with a trainer, but she will be the best project you ever have.

Update (08/01/16): 
She's our young Andalusian mare, 6 years old who came in with horrible sleds, and was scared of everything.

She's doing great after 2 months of down time in foster. Today was her first ride and she did GREAT.

She's green as green can be but is ready to start your way. If you're looking for a luxury mare, we've got her. See her test ride posted on our Facebook page here.