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    Status: Adopted

Breed: PRE Andalusian 

Height: 15.3

Age: 22
Mercedes's Story

Mercedes was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on February 23, 2016.

Update (03/24/16) from Alex, one of our riding team members:

"Last night I was a rich man. I drove a Mercedes all around the ranch.

Yes, I had the pleasure to work with Mercedes, the beautiful Romero Benitez PRE Andalusian.

She was as comfortable as sitting on a recliner couch under a soft sheet with a Coke and pop corn.

Ground work? No problem! She did great, just needed some backing and lateral flexing work. Her feet are kind of sticky but I was able to keep her moving most of the time.

She felt safe, wasn't spooky and I'm excited to keep riding her. She's a big girl, about 20 and just a sweetheart. She is available for adoption but will be heavily screened. She is NOT to be considered for breeding per our vets. We do not have her carta.

We still don't understand why she ended up at auction. Aside from her bloodlines, she's the perfect horse if you just want to relax and ride around.

Michelle has ridden her quite a bit to ensure she's safe and has passed her to me. Together we will be working on building more muscle, balance and impulsion. She rides out alone fine once reminded how to move those feet. We are working on it though and she's got a heart of gold. She really tries hard and is just a gentle giant.

Ride the best or nothing else, ride Mercedes."

-Alexander, Riding Team Member

Must have SOLID references, sign a no breeding contract, and understand we will hunt you down and kick you repeatedly in the genitals if you even try to put any semen, stallions, erections or turkey basters near her. No breeding. None. Not even one. No. No. No. She's not breeding sound. Just the tip? No. Want a back rub? No. Another glass of wine? Noooooo.