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Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.3

Age: 10
Mac (JC Excess Moderation)'s Story

Mac was saved from slaughter by HiCaliber at Ontario Auction on February 16, 2016. 

Update (03/31/17):

Ladies… emotionally prepare yourselves, this guy is going to sweep you away. Mac is sexy AF. And he gives great kisses. Swoon. But like any true fox, he is a little bit of a bad boy. Mac is an OTTB with a shit ton of potential, and a little bit of baggage. He is pushy on the ground and needs a confident handler to put him in his place. He has plenty of energy, so it is always good to let him lunge it out before trying to get him to focus. The plus side is that he loves this part, and is very fun to watch prance around. After he gets out his wiggles, he stands well for tacking and grooming, maybe moves around a little bit but nothing major. In saddle he has an AWESOME gait. He is very comfortable to ride… did I mention sexy AF? He sometimes will decide he is done and try to just stop in his tracks, again a confident leg gets him going no problem. At the canter he tends to bulge to the outside and is a bit off balance. This will get better with time and work, no doubt. He occasionally tosses his head around to remind you that he was a race horse. That was the "bad," here is the good: He tries. All the time! He pushes through when he is frustrated and he tries. He takes a confident rider, but as long as you give clear ques he will try his best to work with you. Mac is an awesome English prospect, and if someone puts in the time with him they will absolutely be reaping tons of benefit.

Update (07/05/16): 

This tall sexy drink of bay has been away at training. He is starting to be able to focus and channel his energy forward into the more consistent movement. Definitely a horse for a confident and soft rider, his large and in charge personality. He is an energy ball after even a day off so will need more than a weekend warrior home eventually.