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      Status: Adopted

Breed: Appendix 

Height: 16.1

Age: 7
Butler's Story

Butler was saved from slaughter by HiCaliber at Ontario Auction on February 16, 2016. 

Butler was named by one of our most generous donors, Clare Staples, in honor of her dear friend, the original sexy stud himself Gérard Butler.

Update (07/29/16): 
Well a few months ago, Mr. Butler was feeling a little bit frisky (the horse, not the actor unfortunately) and tried to go over the panels. See the picture posted on our Facebook page here. 
Obviously he was a bit sore so we gave him some time to heal and yesterday he got pulled for a ride. Butler is a pretty mellow fellow. He stood great to be brushed off, saddled, mounted. She started off lungeing him on the line. He was a little sassy going to the right. They did lots of flexing on both sides. She not sure if he already knew how to do it or not but, he learned pretty quickly! In about 20 minutes he was flexing on both sides like a champ. They worked on being soft while lungeing. She got on him and he calmly walked along. He stops great by the feels of your seat. He's more woah than go. They walked, trotted, and cantered both ways. He was sticky backing up, but since he's so darn smart (or stubborn) he learned pretty quickly to release to pressure. By the end of the ride he was backing up 5 or 6 steps like a champ, flexing at the poll and everything. He's a really cool horse. A few more rides to work on steering and backing and i'd say he'll be trail ready. 

Update (04/20/16):

Butler had his cryptorchid surgery and is officially a gelding.  This horse had a great temperament as a stud, we are not sure how much better he can be as a gelding, but excited to find out.  After he heals, into training he will go!

Update 03/31/16):

A young guy, only 4, stunning and in great shape - we just don't understand why his former owners couldn't find a way to cough up the money to geld him.  He is so very worth it.

Instead, they dumped him.

With legs for days,  a fabulous personality, and a temperament that allows Michelle to ride him out with mares, tie him near them and walk him past the most squirty of hussies without issue... he was a great find.

Nonetheless, he still needs to be castrated. We've raised just over half of the surgical fees but still have a ways to go. 

Butler is green but travels along nicely with his animated high knees, comfy gaits, and flashy looks. He rides bitless (even around mares), has perfect ground manners, ties for any amount of time, he's not spooky, and never balks at working. We can't imagine he will be here for much longer after he's snipped.

A leggy 16.1, likely an appendix,  a reflective copper coat that looks like he's lived under a blanket and lights - he'd look dashing as an English mount as well. He feels very much like a dressage horse, the perfect amount of extension, impulsion and frame - but is also happy to push peanuts and give you a more Western ride if you prefer.  He really could go ANY direction. 

Wanna meet him?  He will not be adoptable until he's gelded but we are happy to introduce you to him as his surgery will be coming up soon.

Update (03/15/16):

Butler is living up to his namesake and has the ladies at the ranch, both human and horse, swooning over him. He may still have his man parts, but is just an absolute love bug and doesn't act like an uber macho stallion at all.  He is a crypt and does have a retained testicle, so surgery will be needed to geld this sweet guy.  He wants to get out and play with the girls, but we just can't let him quite yet.  So, while we keep him away from the lady-horse-vacheenas, we do need to raise the money to geld him.  Please donate in his name to help him out.