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  Status: Adopted

Breed: QH / QH Grade 

Age: 3
Judee's Story

Juno was brought to Ontario Auction on February 16, 2016 with her baby, Judee.  

Update (6/29/16): 

Judee was apart of Erika Hunter's VC Youth To The Rescue program and she did wonderful! Jude is a 12 month old QH type filly. She was the calmest of all the horses and so sweet. She's slow and calm, easy to work with and loves giving kisses and hanging out. We see a show home or trail home for her.

Update (02/17/16):

The trailer pulled in, mom and baby came out, the baby went into the chutes and mom was taken back.

HiCaliber saw all of this happening and tracked down the owner.  Soon enough, the beloved HiCaliber supporters raised enough money to buy Mama Juno directly from the owner and reunite her with her baby that was also won at auction.

What a wonderful ending for these two.  Now Juno is decompressing.  While her baby, Judee, is physically weaned, she has never been separated from mama, so we will give them some time to have them part ways properly.