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Age: 28
Tetris's Story

Tetirs was tied to the fence of the KB's lot.  Old, alone and BLIND.  Tetris didn't know this at the time, but this was the best thing that could have happened to him in his old age.  

HiCaliber had lost a horse, Jo-Jo, the day before (February 9, 2016) to the KB at Ontario Auction.  Our amazing supporters rallied and HiCaliber went to the KB's lot the next day to get her back.  When HiCaliber showed up to rescue Jo-Jo, the KB offered them an old horse that had just been left by someone, tied to his fence.  Of course HiCaliber picked him up and whisked him home.  It wasn't long before it was realized that he was old, blind and apparently still being ridden as he had shoes on and saddle scars.  HiCaliber is a busy place and the blind horses tend not to thrive in sanctuary.  A post was put on Facebook to find him a soft place to land and so many stepped up. 

Tracy Acres was chosen to adopt him and he will be well cared for in a facility that is friendly to his blindness.  Miracles happen everyday at HiCaliber and this was definitely one of them.  We are so happy for your new life Tetris!