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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Mustang 

Height: 15.2

Age: 16
Kimmy's Story

Kimmy was saved from slaughter at Ontario Auction by HiCaliber on February 9, 2016.

Update (08/11/16):
Erika Hunter was able to get a copy of Kimmy's papers! She is from Fish Creek Nevada and was captured in 2006 as a four year old. She was adopted in early 2007 and titled February 2008.  

Update (08/02/16): 
Kimmy, born in 2002, 15.2 hands, beautiful color. She is very shy. Once she warms up to you she can be led, Saddled, tied, feet etc, but she's definitely a 1 person horse and just needs time to trust. She loves her trainer and her husband, and has come around to the other girl to be caught, but she doesn't trust strangers or quick movements. No reason she can't be ridden once she trusts you. I've ridden her bareback but don't expect to jump on and go.

Update (04/04/16):

Kimmy is very scared, although she tries really hard.  She is out of training, but may be lucky enough to have scored a spot at a mustang sanctuary!  For now, she is out to pasture with her buddy, Athena (another feral mustang staying at IHR).  Let's keep our fingers crossed for Kimmy!

Update (02/11/16):

Kimmy was nervous and unhanded, so she went straight to Indian Hill Ranch with the extraordinary Mustang trainer Erika Hunter.  Kimmy will do her 30-day quarantine there and then begin training with Erika.  We are so excited to see her progress and will update you as she comes along!