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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Pintabian 

Height: 15

Age: 11
Marvel's Story

Marvel was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on January 26, 2016.

Update (12/13/16): 
Marvel is a cute little green bean that is ready to go wherever his person wants to take him. He could be finished either English or western, but we must say he looks DASHING in an English set up. He is still a little nervous about tacking up and isn’t super sure what he is supposed to do under saddle but he is very willing to learn. This sweet guy is looking for someone to give his love to. Because he is so green we recommend an advanced rider for him.

Update (01/28/16):

Marvel an 8-10 year old Pintabian, said to be a former jumper. His teeth were recently done, his BCS is 3/9, he has a bump on his nose but is otherwise in nice shape. He's a handsome guy with a playful spirit, loyal and bonded to his friends.  This is a guy to watch and we will update as his rehab continues!