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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Appendix  

Height: 16

Age: 8
Bradley's Story

Bradley was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued him from the Ontario Auction on January 19, 2016.

Bradley was named after Cpl. Bradley Coy, who proudly served in the Marine Corps. He was a decorated Marine who completed a deployment to Afghanistan during his four years of service. At 22 years old he was discharged and starting a new life in Texas when his struggle against PTSD overwhelmed him and he committed suicide on October 24, 2014. A beautiful life cut way too short. A friend we didn’t get to meet. We are thankful that his name lives on with this beautiful horse, saved by you.

Update: (03/23/16):

Bradley is an amazing boy. He came to us as a stud from auction just a few months ago. He was just recently gelded and a total gentleman whether he has balls or not. He's 6 years old, can be ridden alone or in groups, with mares, geldings, or studs. He's just great. Not spooky. No warm up needed, can sit for weeks and be the same horse. 16hh barefoot, bitless

Update (02/17/16):

Our boy is back!

Welcome home, Bradley! 3 days without you was far too long!

Bradley just returned from San Luis Rey Equine Hospital where he was hospitalized for laparoscopic castration compliments of a testicle in his abdomen.

He was an auction save last month, purchased with your donations. He's a great riding horse, hugely tall and super sexy. He was a wonderfully behaved and socialized stud so we are sure he will make a great gelding.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us rescue him and get him this much needed surgery!smile emoticon

Update (02/16/15):

He's a 6-8 year old stud. Appendix? TB? Amazing? Yes. This huge guy ran through skinny and tore up. Now he's at a healthy weight and happy as can be!

He rode great on his test ride without any ground prep first. Michelle literally tacked him up and jumped on. He did beautiful W/T/C transitions but he feels like he tries to gait at times which cause some confusion. We will work on that. He holds the rail nicely, went on trail beautifully and will make a GREAT horse with a tiny tune-up. Rode in a rope halter, barefoot with mares around and was a gem!