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  Status: Adopted

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Breed: Paint grade 

Height: 14.3

Age: 16
Missy's Story

Missy was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on December 15, 2015.

Update (10/06/16):

Miss Missy Mustang has arthritic knees and cannot hold a rider, but she can hold a ton of looooooove :)  Come out and meet this girl to see if she can loooooooove you and be your best friend.

Update (07/27/16):
Michelle paid a visit to IHR and gave us up an update. She's a happy pasture puff who is great on the ground with kids. Skip to the 7 minute mark of this video to get an update on Missy. 

Update (03/21/2016):

Missy is a mid teens bald faced mare whom Michelle loves so very much. Her knee felt off while riding her lightly so we moved to diagnostics. Xrays show arthritis. She was said to be a kids horse but Michelle doesn't buy it. We did joint injections and saw some improvement but not enough for an average adult rider. She would possibly be OK for a light rider after being brought into shape but the pasture/hills are tough on her here. A flatter environment would be ideal. She is on previcox which we would happily pay for if adopted. The kids love her around here but she can be a little antsy at first so we don't see her as a kids horse at this time. She settles down with regular work but she's only in pasture at the moment

Update (01/02/2016):

We gave her some space, let her settle and today we saw a shift in her energy. We pulled her out and found her to be a well behaved girl who stood quietly amongst a busy ranch waiting to be ridden. A little antsy at the mount, she did great once seated. Sensitive and responsive, push button with great buck, rear, bolt offered.

The downside? She's ouchy up front and seems to be without much ability to really move her shoulders out. A visit with West Coast Equine Medicine is needed and will hopefully bring her some relief. No more riding for now but hopefully in time she will be feeling better and hit the trail again!

We will keep you posted! We know she was a fan favorite! heart emoticon