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Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse 

Height: 16.2

Age: 14
Chloe's Story

Chloe was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on December 22, 2015.

(Update 07/13/16):

Chloe's trainer thinks this sweet mare would be a great trail horse for an intermediate (or better) adult rider. She barely had to touch the reins the entire trail ride. She knows how to slow down going down hills, she also was very sure footed and knew exactly how to place her feet in tricky situations. When they came across cattle on the trail she could care less and just powered through.
She had no issues with leading or following. 
She trailers, ties, saddles, lunges, bathes, gets along with both mares and geldings and is easy in pasture.  She's the type of horse who would enjoy doing her job day in and day out without much change. 

Update (06/30/16): 

Chloe's trainer gave us another update on this beautiful girl. 

"Chloe is doing really good. I really like this mare. She's very respectful on the ground and in the saddle. I took her today as ponied horse on trail and she took to it like a duck to water. I think the next time I'll try and ride her on trail. I feel she would make a good intermediate (or better) adult rider's horse. She's very patient and willing. She isn't very spooky and she tries her little heart out every time I work her. She gets along great with other horses. I would put her as a 3 on temperament. That is if a 1 is super omega and 10 is a high alpha. She's good with the farrier and easy to load in the trailer. All around nice mare. She's also getting better at gaiting."

Update (04/04/16):

Chloe went to train with Shelley Taylor as she is amazing with the gaited horses and can bring out the absolute best in them!  Below is what she has to say about Chloe's progress.

"Chloe has been doing great! She is a great horse and coming along nicely, I will be pushing to get Chloe out and onto the trails soon. So far, no major hurdles to cross in her training. Very nice mare that is going to make an adopter very happy. Everyone she's been around is amazed she came from an auction.

The only funny thing is she has had some previous issues with a bad bit. As she got very nervous when I bridled her with a snaffle bit. My guess is someone put her in a curb bit and she had no understanding of what a shank bit meant. I switched to a side pull and she's very happy!

Calm, cool and collected. Easy to saddle and mount. I ponied her out on trails and she was calm with the traffic, dogs, etc. She just followed what the lead horse did. Her gaiting has improved quite a bit. She's now doing a beautiful run walk and no trotting. In a short while I'm sure she will get the muscle memory to forget about doing the funky trot and sticking with her smooth run walk. Overall very nice mare and I wish all were this nice to train!!!"

Update (01/01/16):

Chloe had her test ride today and is smoooooooth. A fun little ride, this girl is pure love. She's so innocent and naive in spirit despite being about 12 years old. A big girl, about 16.2, she was very well behaved and has great manners.

She moved out nicely, was a little unbalanced bitless but found her groove, had amazing breaks and left me wanting to ride her more.

She is a gaited beauty and went out for training with one of our amazing partners, Shelley Taylor!