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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Hackney-X 

Height: 12.2

Age: 24
Frannie J's Story

Frannie J was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on January 12, 2016.

Update (04/26/16):

Frannie is back at HiCaliber for training and doing AH-MAZING! She was ridden by a valuable member of our riding team, Taylor, and the next step is to test her with the ferals.  Frannie has come a long way and has more in her, we just know it!  

Update (04/05/2016):

A petite rider from HiCaliber, Brittany, went over to visit Frannie J at Rosman Ranch to see if she knew how to hold a saddle.  Well, she tacked up perfectly and so Brittany decided she would hop on and see what Frannie knew.  Brittany said Frannie was very responsive and looking for cues, no buck, rear or bolt.  This is great news!  Frannie will be heading back to HiCaliber soon and into training to see what she really knows.  Stay tuned!

Update from her foster family at Rosman Ranch (03/22/2016):

"Frannie is an old girl that is desperately looking for love.  She wants so badly to be close to you and trust you.  It took about 4 weeks for me to approach her out in the large turnout and have her stay put.  Now, she comes looking for me and follows me around.  I am not sure where she came from as with most of the rescues at HiCaliber, but I don't think she was ever really shown much affection which makes her unsure of it at first.  She has to trust you and it takes a minute to break her shell and get to the gooey center.  She has perfect manners when haltered, doesn't argue, follows perfectly, stands still for grooming, lunges, backs, etc.  She is also absolutely wonderful with the farrier.

She is a "top of the herd" sort of gal.  She is out in a large area with my 2 miniature horses, 2 standard donkeys, and 3 goats.  They all make one herd and Frannie runs the roost.  She likes to have her friends and would be a good companion for a horse that is a little lower on the totem pole and will give her the position she wants.  She and one of my minis now groom each other on a daily basis.

I really have fallen in love with her and watching her personality unfold has been a treat.  Everyday she gets sweeter and now that she is at a healthy weight, she will be headed back to HiCaliber for training."