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    Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Breed: POA 

Height: 14.1

Age: 22
Stardust's Story

On January 4th, this senior little POA was  at the Lancaster auction. Her elderly owner and trail partner was reported to have passed away and the family sent the horse to auction. A private buyer was said to have purchased her there and by January 9th, she was dumped back at auction, this time at Mike's Auction in Mira Loma.  In just a tiny window of time, her owner died, and she was fed through two auctions.

Update (03/14/16):

Stardust is a tiny little POA, about 14.1-2 but a total blast to ride. She'd be perfect for an older person who doesn't want a big horse. Her last owner was an elderly gal who was into trail riding who passed away.

She's one of Michelle's most favorite "get on and go" girls. If she is feeling too lazy to walk to the other end of the 16 acres, she's her golf cart. Gotta meeting with our arena-building peeps? She's her office chair. Just wanna get away from everyone? She's the Thelma to Michelle's Louise.

Her worst habit? She likes to pretend she's a biotch and pin her ears but she's really a softie. After all she's been through, she has a right to be a grump.

Stardust is 20. She would be super fun for a teen who has an open heart that won't allow her to keep her walls up, or an older gal who wants one last good horse. She goes out alone or in a group, not spooky, but has no patience for beginners. She wants a partner in crime, not a newbie.

She's sound but does have one knee that's got a bit of calcification. It does not affect her.

Update (02/14/16):

Michelle loves this grouchy bitch.

She's a pissy biotch if she doesn't know you but once she's your friend she's a doll. She's just been betrayed and let down and resents people. She rides AMAZINGLY. Michelle LOVES riding her. She's so comfortable, fun, safe and brave.

She's a tiny 14.1, but rides like a bigger horse, is about 20, sound and was named by THE Kate Bosworth.

She's a gorgeous white little POA. We'd love to see her with a brave teen who will ignore her ear pinning and teach her that life is fun again.

Wanna try her out? UTD on all.