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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Arabian 

Height: 15.1

Age: 14
Milania 's Story

Milania was saved from slaughter when HiCaliber rescued her from the Ontario Auction on December 29, 2015.

Update (07/05/16):

Kat has another update on her girl Milania:

"Oh Millie, I'd never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to be sad to see you leave. The leaps and bounds this mare has made over the last 6 weeks is unbelieveable. I have so much fun on her now. Today she walked over wet ground (which is amazing for an Arabian!), past the cow, past the alpacas and even cantered up a hill. Today's ride almost left me in tears, I'm just so amazed by her. She finally has bonded with me. She pricks her ears when I call her name, comes right up to me and turns her head to me for cuddles after our rides. Oh've stolen my heart"

If you're looking for an endurance prospect, Millie knows how to preserve energy but can go forever. She's a nice size at 15.1, 12 years old, no buck, bolt, rear. Barefoot, bitless. 

Update (06/10/16):

I can't possibly take her trainer's words and make them my own, but Kat has fallen in love with this hard working Arabian and here is what she had to say:

"I dont like Arabians. I am the first to admit it. I don't like their high strung energy. I don't like how they feel the need to dragon snort at everything and hold their tail straight up in the air. They're just not my cup of tea. I've known two Arabs that I actually liked, but both were not your typical Arab. But this mare....theres just something about her. She IS your typical Arab. She thinks the peacocks are going to eat her, the plastic bag will jump up and bite her nose and monsters lurk in the shadows. She HATES being pampered (dont even get me started about how much she hates water) and trying to brush her mane is more difficult than brushing a little brat's (errr girl's) hair.

In the weeks that I've been working with her, I've seen how much she just wants to please her person. She is such a smart mare who has so much potential if people would only look past her "Araby-ness". Last week's ride left me speechless, almost in tears...THAT'S how proud I was at the strides she has made. Once a mare that NO ONE wanted to work with, including me, she is by far my second favorite horse now. Though people still look at me like "bitch, you cray" when I ask them if they want to work with her...but I don't care, that just means I have her all to myself. I hope she finds a good home where someone will figure out a way to make everything they do her idea. Otherwise she throws her head up in the air, plants her big feet and gives you a look that says "Hell no, we won't go." She is such a salty bitch....but I love it."