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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter Horse grade 

Height: 15

Age: 9
Grace's Story

Grace was originally rescued from the feedlot with a filly and in foal. She has bounced multiple times in the last few years and been started too fast by a trainer or two. She is very green broke and desperately wants to trust.

Update (04/02/16):

Grace was sent to spend some time being a horse out to pasture at Indian Hill Ranch.  After a break she began training with Erika Hunter.  Below is her latest update from Erika.

"Grace has become so much more confident and will now do ANY obstacle on the ground.  I have ridden her bareback a few times and she is just right around the corner from fully trusting me.  She still gives little spooks  when she is worried, but now she has learned to relax instead of over reacting.  She is a lovely girl and I can't wait to get her moving out and fully trained!"