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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Warmblood 

Height: 16.1

Age: 5
Juliette's Story

Juliette was purchased at auction a year ago as an unhandled two year old. She has been in training for the last few months and has made great progress learning to halter, lead, cross tie, pick up her feet etc. she has recently been lunging and lunging under tack but she is not yet started under saddle. Her trainer can't wait to get on her as soon as a recent laceration heals (approx 1/1/17). In the mean time she will be hand walking and continuing to work on her ground manners. Juliette is a smart, well built, athletic mare than will make an impressive sport horse. She has stepped up beautifully to everything her trainer has asked of her and has wonderful potential. She is still gaining confidence and needs an experienced handler but she will look to her person for information when confused. She is nervous and shy around new people but bonds and blossoms with consistency. She is a high energy horse that enjoys her turnouts.