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        Status: Adopted

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Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.2

Age: 14
Ruby (JC This is my Song)'s Story

Ruby was rescued from Ontario auction on 11/24/2015.

Update (08/17/16):
Ruby is a water babe. She can often be found splashing in her water bucket and begging volunteers to spray her down with the hose. Michelle took her to Fiesta Island to splash around and of course she loved it. Ruby is one of Michelle's FAVORITE horses at the ranch. If you know what you're doing, this girl is amazing. She needs someone with experience. 

Update (06/28/16): 

Ruby is back! She just was not interested in being a hunter jumper but loves the trail. Are you an experienced rider looking for a gorgeous trail partner that has just the right amount of sass? Check this girl out before she's gone! 


Update (03/20/16):

Ruby wasn't picked up yet, but we just couldn't let her amazing potential go to waste.  She is now just starting training with Sarah Dowling in Carmel Valley and we can't wait to see what she is capable of!

Update (02/24/2016):

She's one of the sexiest, coolest, versatile mares Michelle has ever ridden. She's not for beginners, but a confident intermediate or experienced rider could go to the moon on her.

Michelle has been riding her the last couple of weeks, getting to know her and trying not to fall in love.

She is a confident, sassy, take no shit, "let's do this" kinda mare. Last week, she went to Poway to ride around their trails, streets and sidewalks. No shit, Michelle would put this mare in a parade, show, event tomorrow. What she lacks in technical execution due to being rusty, she makes up for in heart. If you meet her half way and show her you've got balls as big as hers, she will take you to the moon.

Michelle rides her Western but she goes English as well. She's barefoot, has GREAT feet for a TB and Michelle rides her all over in just a rope halter.

This mare is one bad ass animal. She's like the Holly Holmes of the horse world. She's a nice girl outside of the ring, but lord help you if you're going up against her. No cockyness, just a subtle swag that says "bring your A-game or I will eat you alive."

Michelle absolutely adores this horse. Yes, she offers a couple happy bucks each ride but they won't unseat you and they are without malice. It's just her way of saying, "you realize, I'm LETTING you ride me." In all honesty, I could paint my nails and text during them, but they are there.

Please. We have no clue why she's here at a rescue. Bring your trainer out and look at her. She will put you in the blues with just a little work.

If one of you don't scoop her up, Michelle is going to shove my camel toe into a pair of those English riding pants, let her ass eat the saddle and get this shit done to prove a point...she is THAT horse. Come meet her. 16.3hh, 2004 model, $1500