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          Status: Adopted


Height: 16.2

Age: 20
Seymour's Story

Seymour came from the same kill buyer we got Ace, Patriot and Bear (the rental string horses) from. He called us to let us know he had a nice, dead broke horse who just needed groceries. Seymour was set to be shipped to Mexico the evening we got the call, but was still a bit thin. The kill buyer didn't want to feed him for another week, appreciated how we handled the rental horse situation and thought we would want him. 

#hicaliberseymour update! There is so much I can say about this guy...i remember when he first came to the rescue I saw how handsome he was and thought man id love to see him under saddle. Alex started working with him and was quickly riding and showing how amazing he was under saddle (super hero status). I knew he would get snatched up quickly...amazing handsome trail horse. Done! He got adopted along with April and off they went to their new home. He did sortings w his beginner owner and showed the youngins that 18 years old is only a number. Unfortunately due to finances he had to be returned...and I knew I had to foster him. He stole my heart the minute he got off that trailer and knickered at me. He has been knickering at me ever since. He is a in your pocket lovebug. He is sure footed and cautious and you would never know he was now 19. Want a buddy to show you the world? Seymour is your guy -