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Height: 16.2

Age: 19
Seymour's Story

Seymour came from the same kill buyer we got Ace, Patriot and Bear (the rental string horses) from. He called us to let us know he had a nice, dead broke horse who just needed groceries. Seymour was set to be shipped to Mexico the evening we got the call, but was still a bit thin. The kill buyer didn't want to feed him for another week, appreciated how we handled the rental horse situation and thought we would want him. 

Update (03/28/16):

A true black, standing at 16.1HH. With 10 years of getting the job done + the feel of an 8 year old makes him = 18 years of fearless, forward and fun horse.

He arrived last summer, very skinny, sold to us by a kill buyer. He's spent the last few months eating and gaining weight. Sadly, at some point in his past he was mishandled and became resentful and angry about ground work. After a beautiful breakthrough, he’s now able to do ground work in a more relaxed, trusting manner.

For the last 5 months, he’s been in tune-up training for a minimum of 3-4 days per week. Since working with a variety of us, he's realized not all humans are jerks.

Seymour does great in the arena but he sure shines on the trails. He is a push button, moved well off of legs, neck reins, direct reins, opens gates, goes through water, you name it: Yes, Seymour can do it.

His perfect match would be a confident handler who won't let him be pushy. He does best with guidance and leadership, somebody who can give him boundaries yet still be his partner in crime. He's currently being ridden by a confident advanced beginner smile emoticon

He's sound (but we put him in EZ Boots for long trails), UTD on all, bitless and ready to go home with you!

Update (12/13/15):

A once angry, cocky, pissed off horse - I butted heads with him often. I understood his right to be angry, but didn't appreciate him being a jerkface to me without cause.

It didn't take much to have a breakthrough. He wanted to drop the wall. Once he did, I found an incredible horse. He's a funny, silly, goofy, brave, steady, fearless, and ready horse.

He is ready to move on in life. He let it all go and wants to get out and enjoy the trails. He is the PERFECT horse for a trail junkie. He loads and hauls like a dream - stands nicely, fly sprays, takes boots, rides in a halter fine, loves to lead, NOTHING scares him. Seriously. I can't find ANYTHING to spook him. I feel so safe with him. So comfortable. He's like being with a big tough guy in the midst of chaos. You just know he will defend your honor cause its the right thing to do. 

Seymore is for adoption. He's a huge and solid 16.2, clean legs, sound, barefoot, and easy keeper, fancy mover and flashy markings. He's 18 but we swear to you, you would feel like you are on on an 8 year old. He can do 10 miles of trail today and could keep going another 10. He LOVES the adventure, water, hills, downed trees - everything about his new life.

His ideal owner would be an equally adventurous rider who wouldn't mind letting the reins go once in awhile and letting him fly. We can't tell you how free this horse will make you feel and we can't help but want to love him.

He has a long stride that will leave pokey horses in the dust. He's the type who will keep up with a TB, Arab or endurance rider who wants to clock mile after mile.