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  Status: Available for Adoption

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Breed: Paint 

Age: 5
Rumor's Story

On August 8, 2015, Rumor was saved from the possibility of an ugly end on when HiCaliber was the highest bid on him at Mike's Auction. 

Update (10/3/16):
Oh Rumor boy... You went from a bratty stud muffin to doing obstacle courses. Rumor is going to be a great trail horse for an intermediate kids or small human. 

Update (7/1/16): 

Rumor is away at training in Norco and is doing wonderful! He's learning horsey manners and is doing great with his sensory training. We're so happy to see how well he's doing and very thankful to Doug for taking on the challenge! 

Update (04/20/16):

Rumor has had his brain...ahem....  we mean, cryptorchid surgery!  He is now officially a gelding and will be going into training as soon as he heals.  

Update (08/08/15):

We thought we had rescued a gelding, only to find out pretty quickly that our new boy was indeed a stud. He's a beautiful horse and only about three years old. It appears he may be a crypt, which means a much more costly gelding surgery and likely the reason he was dumped at auction. Rumor was the third horse HiCaliber had rescued in less than a week's time (after Lily and Alvin), and we are so grateful that our village continues to be there for the horses most in need.