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Age: 20
Ace's Story

Ace was saved from slaughter when we purchased him from a kill buyer.

Ace is a big, 16hh, mid teens Appaloosa (possible mule cross as he does this weird muley sound at the end of his vocal performances)...

Ace was used at a rental string, taking newbies on the hard trails of the Hollywood hills. He developed ring bone and they traded him to a kill buyer. We were at the kill buyers lot getting a super skinny rental horse (Bear) from the same string. We met Ace but couldn't afford him...a big horse like that is worth a lot to a meat man. We just couldn't get him out of our minds. We came home and told you about him, our broken hearts, and prayed for a miracle. Thanks to a kind donor named Karin, Ace is safe. We picked him up the next day and he's been a ranch favorite ever since. 

Whatever he is, he's fricken sweet as pie. A true gentle giant, he's the get on and go doesn't matter if he's been in the herd, sitting for a month, or if it's dinner time - you can get right on.

The crappy part of his situation is that I really can't tell you what his limits will be with his ringbone - we know he does best with previcox and light riding for now. Shoes didn't make a huge difference but we admittedly weren't riding him much either. More movement (nothing excessive) will help. He's been a fun horse to fart around on, throw kids and visitors on and he's just the sweetest guy...

On the few small trail rides we've done, he prefers to go with friends, typical of a rental horse. Around the ranch, he's fine solo once he settles.  

His ideal home would be one where he's being lightly ridden to keep him moving, or letting your kids hack around on him while you work in the arena. I can't tell you if he will ever be OK for long trails, he needs to build up to that if possible. His hooves were a wreck when he got here so they may continue to improve and help his overall comfort. For now, we call him a light riding horse.  

For day to day tootin' around riding, he's a fun guy. No vices, totally cool. Typical Appaloosa personality that will steal your heart. He is a great guy for someone who just needs to build a little confidence and sit on a quiet horse and breathe.  

He deserves a home. He's been used by the public for far too many years. We want a family to love him and give him a tribe to belong to. These poor rental horses don't ever get the chance to bond. He wants to. He wants his person. His family. His home. 

One Last Good Home