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  Status: Adopted


Nutmeg's Story

Nutmeg's story is a true Cinderella tale. Nutmeg was originally slaughterbound and rescued from a Nevada feedlot by a private party. The "rescuer" began to bounce Nutmeg from one place to another and had her bred within a few short weeks before deciding she could not care for her and gave her up just months after obtaining her. Nutmeg was then adopted by a "rescue" in Shingle Springs where she was then starved nearly to death. At the Shingle Springs location, the stress of her prior year and subsequent starvation were likely contributing factors to her losing the foal. Ultimately, HiCaliber was able to rescue Nutmeg -- along with seven other severely neglected horses and in what was her third rescue in under two years -- and brought her back to our ranch where she received the food she desperately needed. A wonderful couple fell in love with Nutmeg (now "Meg") and adopted her, spoiling her rotten and giving her everything she would ever need... and so much more.