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    Status: Adopted


Granny's Story

Granny Wrinkles is one of HiCaliber's most high-profile rescues ever. She was pulled along with three draft horses from a severe neglect case. Granny was emaciated, severely anemic and flies were eating at the raw flesh on her legs. Upon arrival to HiCaliber she lied down and nearly died. At the very last moment, Granny summoned every ounce of strength she had to stand up and made it known she was a fighter. She progressed consistently, and instantly became a fan favorite with her goofy all-up-in-your-business personality and brays for attention, grain or whatever else she wanted. She was adopted by our dear friends at Horse Power Ranch and now had her own Facebook page: "Granny Wrinkles and Friends." Make sure to like her page and follow her!