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  Status: Adopted


Davidson's Story

Congrats to Davidson who was adopted by the fabulous Tammie DiMarzo! Davidson is going to finish up some training here before he goes home to be a family trail horse. Davidson came to us from the Fallon Feedlot last summer. He was bailed out by the amazing Berger family and brought here for training. The Berger family had intended Davidson to be a mounted patrol horse but when he arrived he was much smaller than they expected and it became quickly clear lazzzy Davidson was not going to work out. Mr. Berger is a big hunk of a man and need an equally beefy horse. As committed as that beautiful family was, I redirected their attention to a rescue already at HiCaliber, Cole Slaw. Like Davidson, Cole was previously slaughter-bound and been rescued from the same Fallon feedlot and was exactly what they needed! Cole and the Bergers now live happily every after with their other horses, adopted from HCHR and Falcon Ridge. smile emoticon When Davidson arrived he was a tired, young, defeated boy - we felt it was best to let him be in pasture for a few months to decompress. He clearly suffered the stresses of the feed lot and needed some R & R. Turns out a little rest was just what the Doctor ordered! Heather began saddle training him in November and look at him now! We are so proud of this kid. Yay! Congrats to you both!