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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Stock 

Age: 25
Kennedy's Story

Kennedy was rescued from Mike's Auction in March 2015. As HiCaliber was at capacity (due to the rescue of the Fallen Horses herd) we only intended to conduct Compassion Pulls -- horses we expect will not be able to be rehabed and simply need a compassionate and dignified end. At auction, Kennedy appeared to be irreperably broken, in spirit and body. The plan was to euthanize him after a few days at the ranch but our medical team didnt find anything permanently wrong. TLC and rest were all that were needed! UPDATE: "Update 3/19/15: Today we test rode we thought, he's push button. He always looks like a grumpy old dude, whether on the ground or under saddle but he's actually a nice guy. We will use the next few weeks to figure out if he enjoys riding or he should be retired or for kiddos. His choice! We can't say yet as he's only got the one ride on him, but we are thinking he'd be a good kids horse. Update 2/16/2015: The morning after his arrival to HiCaliber, Kennedy presented as a totally different horse! He was walking sound and very alert. Our veterinary team assessed him and he was found to be in great health! We might be at capacity, but found a way to make room for this guy to stick around."