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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Age: 17
Roulette's Story

Roulette was saved at Mike's Auction in 2014. She was trick trained, aloof, stoic and would do what she had to do in hopes you'd eventually just leave her be. It was heart breaking. UPDATE: Roulette was considered one of our special needs horses - she carried baggage that made the hustle and bustle of a large working ranch a little hard on her. We put a post up seeking someone to come spend one on one time with her. Jennifer Smith answered the call. That time made all the difference in the world for Roulette as she learned to drop her guard and trust again. In the end, Jennifer fell in love with Roulette and adopted her, and we fell in love with Jennifer and talked her into being our Volunteer Coordinator. Talk about a win win!!