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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint (APHA Papered) 

Age: 118
Cupid's Story

Cupid is an Impressive bred auction mare whom we rescued in 2014 after a breeder dumped her at auction...already in foal...with stud info, ultrasound results, and APHA papers in tow. Yup. All that and trouble and then dumps the poor girl at auction where we got her for a measly couple hundred bucks.She's been bred several times before so we are happy to say, this is her last baby. The muffin shop is closed! After foaling, Cupid will enjoy some well deserved down time and eventually go into training. Cupid is the face of slaughter. Well bred, healthy, young American horsesare slaughtered daily in Mexico and Canada. Your donations and generosity have saved countless horses just like her. THANK YOU! UPDATE: Cupid has been having contractions, getting up and down a lot, being a grumpy gill and her titty titty bang bangs are bagging up.