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      Status: Adopted

Adoption Application

Breed: Percheron 

Height: 18.2

Age: 15
Pandora (Formerly Perchie)'s Story

This big beautiful girl was surrendered to us by her former owner who took incredible care of her. Unfortunately, the owner fell on hard times and despite trying to keep her, it just wasn't an option. She had some lameness in the front we needed to treat with medical and chiro.

Pandora (new name) was adopted by a wonderful woman, Bri, who is a volunteer at HiCaliber. We couldn't be happier for Pandora!!!

FB post from 06/27/2015:

Congrats to two of the sexiest girls we know!

Miss Bri Alvarez, was a bit of a stalker when Perchie came into our program.

Daily messages, hourly check in's, weekly visits and midnight drunk texts: I want herrrrrrrr!

Bri was either dedicated or crazy...or both! wink emoticon

The 18hh Percheron stole the 5-foot-and-some-change girls heart from the start. Perchie was one of our most popular horses with a stack of apps as tall as she was. We truly had pick of the litter...but something about Bri had our attention!

We checked her out, poked around and were happy to find that all signs pointed to her being a dedicated horse mom. Bri had great references, a huge circle of amazing friends (shout out to the Ole's crew) who campaigned for her, had all of her hot guy friends send us pouty "pleeeease" pictures on her behalf, and she even brought us inappropriate, phallic bottle opener gifts from her trip to Bali. We knew she was destined to be part of our dysfunctional rescue family!

We allowed her to foster Perchie for a few months as a part of our "foster to adopt" program to be sure this was a good match. Sure enough - she was everything we hoped for in an adopter.

HiCaliber is excited to announce, love wins again! Bri and Perchie are making it official.

Congrats to you both. Neither of you are the traditional face of rescue - an 18 hand rotunda and tiny little tattooed firecracker don't show up everyday - but you're perfect for each other.