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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Draft 

Effie's Story

She is green and needs some finishing, but she's safe enough to move on and grow with someone who has a little experience.

Effie is 9-12 years old and spent the first decade-ish of her life as a pasture puff before we found her enroute to slaughter. She had minimal handling and went to Monty Roberts in 2014 for 3 months to work on basic ground manners. We've gone slow and steady to ensure a positive foundation and her saddle training was done incredibly well by our former training director, Christina.

Effie was ridden today by 16 year old Sydney in the arena and on trail. She did great with dogs, a goat, cow, traffic and big electrical boxes. 

She does get sticky feet, typical of a green draft, but she makes up for it with a level head in saddle.

Effie is bitless, barefoot and beautiful. She's a stout 15hh but is as wide as a house. More whoa than go, sweet and an easy keeper on grass. 

Effie should go to someone with a little experience to keep her feet moving but will likely be beginner safe with more miles. She can still be just a little guarded on the ground if she doesn't know you, but it goes away very quickly.