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  Status: Adopted

Adoption Fee: $1,500.00

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Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.3

Age: 14
Zero (JC registered "Family Operator")'s Story

Unfortunately, Zero was mishandled by inexperienced rider. Brought to HCHR by a prior owner who bought him back from the inexperienced rider. 

Update (03/31/2016):

Zero is currently in training with the talented Maloree Hanks of MMM equestrian and below is her latest update on him.

"Do you like going for long leisurely walks with a hunk? Well then Zero may be your guy! He is a 16.3 hand bay thoroughbred. This boy is better then any boyfriend a girl could ever dream of. He is always down to cuddle, share a snack or go for hours and hours of fun! Zero is always one of my favorite horses to ride after a long day. He is a steady eddy who gives 500% every day. He goes in a plain D ring snaffle or in a halter, english or western. I honestly feel his calling is as a trail/gaming horse. Recently I started schooling him on poles, barrels and the games and WOW, this guy LOVES it and can burn and turn!!! He goes great off of verbal cues and light leg. Great brakes.

Zero was obviously "roughed up" at some point in his life and can be a tad sensitive if he thinks he is doing wrong. All he wants to do is make his human happy. The perfect human for him would be a confident beginner/ intermediate rider, but at the same time a advanced rider can have a ball on him! He will stroll down the trail quiet as a mouse but has a engine there if you ask for it. He is solid walk/trot/canter and is almost always perfect on his leads. Outstanding ground manners. I honestly don't know why this guy has not been swooped up yet! Heck he would even be great as a beer drinking husband horse, seriously this guy does it all!!!"