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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Paint 

Age: 9
Fiesta's Story

Fiesta was purchased a few years ago from a distress sale just before she was set to go Mike's auction. It was the best $300 spent! UDPATE: Fiesta is a 14.3, 6 year old mare who loves Chipotle chips, Burger King fries, any flavor of popcorn and in/out milk shakes. She's a total dork, loves the fun of an adventurous rider, does great with teen personalities and has incredible footing for the craziest of trails. She's served as our ranch horse, was borrowed by one of our teen volunteers after her mare passed away, and has done extensive trail and camping trips. Beach, mountains, traffic...she doesn't care. Bitless, super easy keeper (no, she's not pregnant lol), barefoot and flashy.