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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Age: 15
Big Red's Story

Big Red a total doll! Despite being 17hh, kids love to groom him and walk him around the ranch (it's too soon to try him under saddle with kiddos as he was just cleared for riding in June, 2015). We have just started his riding evaluation and found that he is well broke under saddle with a low headset and Western feel.  In the arena he is beginner safe, rides bitless, is barefoot and has no bad habits. Big red is still conditioning and building muscle. (He is one of 34 starved horses rescued by HiCaliber Horse Rescue in February 2015 - affectionately named "The Fallen Herd.")  Big Red feels very much like a husband-horse type but we need to put a bit more time on him to be sure. 

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