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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Standardbred-X 

Age: 118
Aston's Story

HiCaliber received an emergency call on April 17, 2015 from a partner agency about Aston, who was bleeding out as a result of gelding complications. Aston was stabalized on site and then transported back to HiCaliber to finish his rehabilitation.

Update (04/07/16):

After his man parts healed, this sweet guy had a test ride that didn't go well. He was terrified of the mount and would try to run out from under you.

With all of the saddle scars on this young guy's back, it was no surprise his back hurt. Additionally, his pasterns looked pretty low. We were initially concerned he had DSLD but after several vet visits, we now know it's just shitty conformation that doesn't affect him. Phew!

With all he had been through, we decided lots of chiro, massage and downtime was needed. We put him in pasture for the last year and his 2 most recent exams show is back is feeling much better!

We are prepping to bring this former skinny boy (see bottom left pic) up into training with us as soon as we have an opening, but if there's a trainer out there who would like to take him on sooner - let's talk! He will need a gentle tune up with a lighter rider until we are sure his back is ok. We are happy to to cover reasonable costs.