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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Azteca 

Height: 15

Age: 8
Honey's Story

Honey was relinquished to HiCaliber and arrived suffering from ulcers and a sore back. She's broke to ride but was a little too much for her former owner. UDPATE: As soon as Honey’s ulcers were resolved, we began working on her in the round pen. She's a really smart little mare but she keeps her guard up. She was unwilling to emotionally connect with Michelle (HCHR founder/trainer) despite being very obedient and respectful. After riding her a few times, it became clear that something just wasn't right. We called our chiro guru, Dawn Fletcher, who found Honey to have significant guarding and tightness on her right side. Thankfully, it was clear that Honey made an immediate improvement with just one session with Dawn. She was lighter, softer and much more receptive to touch and affection. We have opted to let Honey have some time in the herd as Michelle's gut said she just wasn't ready to work yet. We are never in any rush when it comes to training, so she was given the time she needs to recover, inside and out. We have found in many years of rescue, that more guarded horses have the most to give; they just need a little more time. Honey has recently been brought back up for training and is doing AMAZING. Great little trail horse.