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        Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 15.3

Age: 9
Ellie Mae (JC register "Glory of Spirit")'s Story

This young TB mare has been through hell and back in the past few years. After being bounced from home to home to home, she arrived stoic and aloof with systemic inflammation, horrific ulcers, hind gut issues and elevated white cells.

UPDATE: We worked hard to get her on the path to wellness! We spent months chasing ghosts, trying various diagnostics, medications and alternative therapy. With a combination of West Coast Equine Medicine handling her traditional veterinary needs, Dee Gleason handling her Reiki/energy needs, MVP by EnviroEquine and Wild Gold Cold Pressed Omega3 Camelina Oil USA covering her supplemental needs - she's now a happy healthy horse without any special requirements. It took us a year but we finally got Ellie happy, healthy and she proved in the last 2 months that she is able to thrive away from us. Have you ever thought "I want a really cute horse that makes people do a double take"? Well, Ellie Mae is that horse! This little sweet potato is what we like to call a "micro TB" because she is 15.2, "fun size". But, don't let her size fool you. She has a huge heart and is looking for her special person.Ellie Mae goes English or Western, prefers bitless, has been in parades, trailered out for day rides and jumped cross rails. She has made it clear, she's not an arena horse though. She LOVES trail - Low-level cross country or hobby trail riders would be right up her alley. She's currently being ridden by an experienced 18-year-old rider but has been ridden by beginners. At this point, she prefers an at least intermediate and up rider, but in time she's likely going to be a "been there done that" little horse who will serve your family well.

This mare is VERY SPECIAL to all of us here. For Ellie's long term security, we will only entertain homes within a 50-mile radius of Valley Center. Our goal is to find a home with someone who will keep us updated, allow the Armstrong family (who are effing AWESOME people) to visit on occasion, and be willing showcase Ellie's success in the equine community (join an occasional parade with us etc). This horse is a testament to the emotional and physical healing needs in so many rescued horses. In turn, you will be getting one of the most loving, silly, beautiful, fun, determined, forgiving, sincere and willing horses we have ever known. You will be joining the HiCaliber family, as one of our amazing adopters, friends and success stories.

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