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    Status: Adopted

Breed: Stock 

Height: 15

Age: 7
Angel's Story

This pretty girl was rescued from Mike's Auction in 2014. She was just a little too young to start training so we opted to give her a year in the herd to play and mature.

Angel's rescue was an emotional one. When local artist, Mona Petersen, passed away,  her husband Tim asked that their friends and family donate to HiCaliber in lieu of flowers. The money donated to us was used at auction to save this sweet little mare from going to slaughter. We asked Tim what he would like to name her and he chose "Angel" in memory of his beautiful wife.

Tim has since adopted one of our horses who lives happily at his ranch - Rock Canyon Vineyards in San Diego.  If you are ever in the east county area, be sure to swing by and thank Tim for supporting  HiCaliber Horse Rescue.