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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Quarter horse 

Height: 14

Age: 8
Dawn's Story

Dawn is one incredible mare! She is one of the best trail horses we have, currently being ridden by a 15 year old volunteer. She is barefoot, bitless and fearless - OH! Did we mention, shes clinically blind?!

Dawn does have some vision but not much. That doesn't stop her. She can hit the toughest of trails alone or in a group, has her "walk/trot/canter" down and is great as an arena horse.

She was originally rescued by the lovely folks at Baker Ranch Equine Rescue  as an auction horse who was saved through their program. She came to us for training where we discovered her sight impairment. Despite being told be would never be able to successfully train her, we loved her so much, we decided to prove her critics wrong. Mission accomplished! She came to us with very little training and has turned out to be one of our "go to" horses when we want a fun, relaxing ride.

Don't let her impaired vision scare you. She is one of the best trail horses we have.

Thank you again to Baker Equine for trusting us with training and placing Dawn! <3

(Please note, Dawn is 15hh, we are working on fixing the 14hh listing above)