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        Status: Adopted

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Breed: Stock 

Height: 14.3

Age: 7
TeePee's Story

TeePee was rescued from a failed rescue where the horses on the property were being extremely neglected. Had a nail embedded in her coffin bone. Learning to lead and trust people. Loves grooming. UPDATE: TeePee was touch and go for quite some time. She came to HiCaliber with a nail embedded in her coffin bone. We removed the nail, but a severe infection threatened to take her life. Not long after she seemed out of the woods, a severe colic almost took her. She's a fighter! 

Update (07/25/2015):

At just 3 years old, we weren't sure TeePee would ever sound up given the severity of her injury. We fattened her up, got her healthy and moved her to a small herd to heal, praying her young body would continue to repair itself over time.

We are pleased to report that TeePee is not only sexy and toned now, but she's looking pretty darn sound!

TeePee is a sweet girl who will be heading up to training soon so keep an eye out! She's got that solid foundation QH look and a great mind about her.